Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End Of The Year Post

Well it is the last night of 2008 and while I didn't make my 100 Book Challenge, I did read plenty of good books this year. In 2008 I read 93 books - I consider that pretty good for spending 6 months of the year in school and working full time. School always brings my reading down; I never get to read as much as I want to. Here is a bit of a breakdown of what I read:

Total: 94

Fiction: 81

Non Fiction: 13

Canadian: 6

British: 28

Indian: 3

American: 49

South African : 2

Japanese: 1

Turkish: 1

Australian: 1

Chilean: 1

German: 1

Libyan: 1

I am surprised at how many American authors I have read this year. I had fooled myself into thinking I had read many international books this year. I really should be reading more Canadian authors.
All in all it was a great year of reading and I hope to surpass my goal of 100 Books in 2009.

Happy Reading everyone and have a great new year!!

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