Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sepulchre - Kate Mosse

From Publisher's Weekly "In 1891, Parisian teenager Léonie Vernier and her brother visit their young aunt at an estate in southern France. After finding a startling account of her late uncle's pursuit of the occult, Léonie scours the property for the tarot cards and Visigoth tomb he describes, unaware that more tangible peril in the form of a murderous stalker is seeking to destroy her loved ones. Present-day biographer Meredith Martin is in France finishing a book and tracing her ancestry when she sees a reproduction of the same tarot, which bears her likeness. She investigates the connection when she, too, arrives at the estate, now a hotel in which a new battle between good and evil rages."

I read Kate Mosse's previous book Labyrinth and had a really hard time getting through it. I remember being really interested in the setting (Carcassonne) so I forced myself to finish it. Despite not liking her previous book I was drawn to Sepulchre. I thought the author had good ideas and I was willing to give her a second chance - especially because her newest book is set in an area outside of Carcassonne that my husband and I will be visiting in the summer.

I was interested in Tarot Cards when I was much younger so I found it interesting that they played such a large role in this novel and in the characters lives. It made me shiver to read about how realistic the pictures on the tarot were and how how the present day character say herself in them. The elements of the supernatural made Sepulchre a page-turner.

I did enjoy this book. I liked the main female characters Leonie (in the 1890's) and Meredith (present day). They were interesting women who were always seemed to be searching for something. I liked how the author wrote the book - she broke it up well, making the chapters short and moving from one point of time to another by rotating sections. It made it easy to read and never got boring. I wouldn't say it was the best novel I have ever read but it was much better then I thought it was going to be when I began it.

Rating - 3

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