Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Messiah - Boris Starling

This book was creepy. And bloody. And interesting. And really really good! I couldn't put this one down.
Publishers Weekly says "Scotland Yard's Redfern Metcalfe "gets inside killers' heads and reels them in." But Britain's latest serial killer (an evil genius dubbed "Silver Tongue" for his grisly technique and distinctive "calling card") is the worst Red's ever seen, leaving the hardened investigator shaken to his core. While Red and his hand-picked team of detectives concoct half-baked theories and chase shadows, the elusive Silver Tongue taunts them by racking up victims. With no forensic evidence to go on, Red is forced to play an excruciating game of "wait and see" with the killer asending his personal and professional life into a downward spiral."

I never realized how much I really enjoyed murder mysteries until lately. I love how fast paced they are and how I don't want to put them down. I really liked this book because I thought I figured out who the killer was at the beginning but then was totally surprised by the end. I love books that really surprise me. This book was over 400 pages but it the chapters were only a few pages long - which made it really easy to read.

This is a definite beach book. But it is pretty gory and I had to skim a few paragraphs because it made me feel ill to read the details!

Rating - 3

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lilly said...

Looks like a captivating thriller. Mystery/thriller is one of my favorite genres so I will definitely look for this one.