Monday, March 2, 2009

Out Stealing Horses - Per Petterson

This novel was pretty. It was pretty to read and it was pretty to imagine what rural Norway really looks like. Set in an old cabin, 67 year old Trond Sander has moved there after his wife dies in a car accient that almost takes his life as well. Trond lives pretty much alone except for another older man who lives in a cabin near him. Lars is a man from Tronds past. This encountering has Trond remembering back to his childhood after the war - and to his relationship with his father.

I love stories where old men recollect on their lives. For some reason I identify with them and sympathize with their plights (though I am neither old or a man). This was a wonderful story that made my imagination work overtime. I never thought of Norway as a travel destination before but now it is on my list. I love reading novels from other countries - it makes me realize that people are people no matter where they are from. We all have the same types of emotions and needs. The combination of Trond and Lars reminded me a lot of my father and how he will likely be when he gets to be that age.

At first I thought the book ended too quickly and that things weren't resolved. But then I thought about it and realized that they weren't meant to be resolved. This novel was just a small snipet in an old mans life. We weren't meant to know what comes next - he just let us in to these few moments.

Give the book a read - I think you will like it.

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John Mutford said...

I've had a couple friends from Norway over the years, one who's made me want to visit there, one not so much. I'd be curious to see if I felt the desire to go there once again after reading this book.