Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Moon - Stephanie Meyer

When I started this book I was not expecting much. I had enjoyed the first book in the Twilight series but didn't think that it was better then the similar books I had read as a 14 year old girl (The Vampire Diaries etc). Also, a friend had read the book just before I did and she didn't like it so much that she didn't finish it!! But I had some hope and now I am glad I read it! It was a great Friday night read..I had the house to myself and really got into the story. I liked it so much more then the first one. This book begins with Bella and Edward...but quickly turns into Edward leaving and Bella having to deal with it. I liked how we got to meet other characters besides the Cullens and Bella's relationship with Jacob Black is really interesting. This book has both vampires and warewolves and some many different types of love.

I saw the Twilight movie the day after finishing the book and thought it was pretty good. I can't wait till they make "New Moon" into a movie....I think it will be even better then Twilight!

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