Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Haven't Forgotten About You!!

It has been many many days since I have posted here. That's not because I have forgotten to post or that I have been too busy. It's that I haven't finished my third book yet! I know - it seems to be taking me forever. I am reading Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and it is a hard and involved read. I knew that it would take me some time when I started it but I didn't realize how emotionally draining a read it would be. About a young black man in the early 1900's, within the first two chapters I was horrified how he was treated - some parts made me feel sick. I find that I can only read a few chapters a day because I have a lot of thinking to do after I am finished it. I am reading this novel because it has been on my shelf for a while and also it is for 2 challenges (1% Well Read Challenge and the Diversty Challenge). I hope to finısh it this weekend and start on another for the 1% Well Read Challenge (I still have 4 to read by the end of February!!)

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Bybee said...

I tried The Invisible Man a few years ago, but got bogged down...I'd like to try again, though, because the fault seems to be mine rather than Ellison's.
I'm still on my second book, too!