Friday, June 5, 2009

Tracks - Louise Erdich

I really don't know what to say about this book. I had a hard time understanding what was going on and I felt I was really missing something but I wasn't sure what. THEN I read a review of the book which revealed to me that this is the second in a series. Then it started to make sense on why I was feeling a little confused.

Library Journal says "The continuation of an escalating conflict between two Chippewa families, a conflict begun when hapless Eli Kashpawwho has passionately pursued the fiery, elemental Fleur Pillageris made to betray her with young Sophie Morrissey through the magic of the vengeful Pauline. That simple summary belies the richness and complexity of the tale, told in turn to Fleur's estranged daughter by her "grandfather," the wily Nanapush, and by Pauline, a woman of mixed blood and mixed beliefs soon to become the obsessive Sister Leopolda."

This is literary fiction and has I have blogged about before - I sometimes have a hard time with it. I like this at the beginning but then found myself skimming parts of it. That is never a good sign. What I did really love was the characters of the novel - Nanapush was a great character and I enjoyed reading of events from both his and Pauline's perspectives. I really wanted to read some more Native American/Canadian authors; I feel that is one genre that I don't really read. I have read a lot of Native American/Canadian non-fiction books but not a lot of fiction. Maybe I will try her first book Love Medicine and see how that goes.

Rating - 2

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