Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hour 20 of the 48 Hour Reading CHallenge

I got a lot of reading in last night, had a good sleep then woke up at 6:30am to keep reading. I finished another book The Breaker by Minette Walters and listen to a bit of Outlander audiobook while I was sun bathing. I am going to start a new book and then listen to the rest of Outlander on the bus on my way to dinner. Hopefully I will get another book finished tonight. I haven't stopped my life to do this book challenge but I am definitely reading a lot more then usual.

The Breaker - Minette Walters

I must be in a murder mystery zone because I have read more lately then in my entire life. Apparently this author is a big writer in the UK and from reading this book (and I have heard this is not even one of her better novels) I can understand. states "When Kate Sumner's corpse is discovered naked, bruised, prone and violated on the rocks of a sleepy South Coast town by two curious young boys and her tiny, traumatised daughter is found wandering alone several miles away, police are instinctively drawn to two suspects. William Sumner, Kate's husband, and Steven Harding, a handsome would-be actor, find themselves at the centre of the investigation and as police suspicions grow, their fatally flawed personalities are gradually disembowelled in the search for the truth."

This was pretty much a straight forward murder mystery. I thought I knew who did it, then I thought it was someone else, then I wasn't so sure. That is always a sign of a good book - it keeps you guessing. I liked how the book was broken up by putting coroners reports, police files and letters from friends in. It gave another outlook. All in all it was a good read - kept me reading and always wondering what was going to happen.

Rating - 3


Monique said...

I haven't read a murder mystery in a long time. Come to think about it I may never have read a murder mystery. This sounds very interesting.

Good Luck.

Chandini Santosh said...

No Orhan Pamuk, Arvind Adiga and Jose saramago?

Bybee said...

How did I miss out on this challenge? Oh well....Nice work Myza!

myza said...

Monique - They are pretty fun. An easy read when you don't want anything to much.

Chandini - I have read something by all of those authors. I loved The White Tiger. I did enjoy Snow (Orhan Pamuk) and Blindness (Jose Saramago) even though Blindness completely terrified me!

Susan - I think there should be a summer reading challenge! They are just so much fun!