Monday, June 8, 2009

48 Hour Book Challenge - The Finish Line

So I totally didn't do this Book Challenge the way that I did the last one. I didn't stay home and read, read, read. Maybe that had to do with how hot it was this weekend (almost 30 degrees!). I read for most of the day on Saturday before heading out for dinner. On Sunday I went to town with my husband but read on the bus there and then in the evening. I read more then usual - but not as much as I should have for a Book Challenge. I finished one book that I have previously started (Tracks), finished a whole book (The Breaker), read half of another book (Devil's Peak) and listened to my audiobook (Outlander). Not bad for one weekend. I read some other blogs - but to be honest I spent most of my time out of the house. It is so nice to sit in a coffee shop and read a book in the air conditioning (especially when the heat is killer outside).

I hope that I spend more time reading in the next Book Challenge. But I did enjoy this one and I guess that is the most important part!


MotherReader said...

Glad that you had nice days to enjoy your reading. Do you have a time, or approximate time you can give me for the challenge? Sign in with it at the Finish Line post. Thanks.

Monique said...

I am happy you enjoyed the challenge. I enjoyed it too. You got a lot of reading done even if you had a busy weekend. I didn't spend as much time reading as I would have liked either.

I highly suggest Ann Frank (I just finished it this morning). Every emotion.

Liyana said...

Glas you had fun! Hope to see you participating again next year. :D