Friday, June 12, 2009

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2009

I have been waiting for months for the author list for The Edinburgh International Book Festival to come out. This is the first International Book Festival that I have ever attended and I am really excited. I attended the Stephen Leacock Literary Festival in Orillia, Ontario 2 years ago and really enjoyed it. That was my first time attending an author reading and I loved every moment of it. Since then I have traveled a lot so I don't often get to go to these things. But this year I will be spending the summer in England and my husband planned a trip to Edinburgh at the beginning of this festival. So not only will I get to see Scotland (which I have never been) but I will also be in readers heaven.

I am most excited to see Carlos Ruiz Zafon - the author of The Shadow of The Wind!!! As I have wrote previously - I love love love this book! His new novel
The Angel's Game comes out next month and I can't wait to read it. I will have to get a copy as soon as I get to England.

I also am going to attend a workshop on How To Write A Novel . I have always wanted to write a novel and I figure this is a great opportunity for me to learn some things and to really think about starting a novel. I feel that Edinburgh would be a great place to give me inspiration!!!

There are also some other lovely workshops going on and I haven't decided on everything I will do yet. Is anyone else out there attending The Edinburgh International Book Festival 2009?

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