Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer

A friend at work let me borrow this a few weeks ago - but I have been putting it off because I don't like reading the same type of books one after the other...I like the anticipation of being able to read them. But I wanted to give this book back to her so I decided to give it a read. I liked "Eclipse" quite a bit more then the other novels in the series. This is part three and is about Bella Swan's upcoming high scholl graduation. This is important because after graduation Bella will become a vampire, giving up her old life. Of course there are bad guys after her - actually a string of newly made vampires who are very strong and very dangerous - and Edward (and the rest of the Vamps) and Jacob (and his warewolf friends) must work together to save Bella. I am biased because I like Jacob way more then I like Edward - but was happ when he finally told Bella that he was in love with her.

I enjoyed this book because we got to see more about these characters. But the series makes me very angry as well. I don't like how Bella is always waiting for and listening to a man. She seems like a strong character but she always bends to whatever Edward tells her to do. I do admit that by the end of the book this changed - and I hope that in the fourth book we see Bella's character becoming more independent.

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lilly said...

I read the first part, started reading part two and just couldn't go on. Like you, I was frustrated with the girl pretty much basing her life and her actions on one guy, any guy. it's like she doesn't exist without him. I have a daughter who will be a teen soon and to tell you the truth if she wants to read it I have to have a talk with her about Bella first.