Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Ruby In The Smoke - Philip Pullman

This is such a cute book. I picked it up after I had downloaded the BBC show with Billie Piper in it. Everyone was saying the book was really fun. says "a fast-paced, finely crafted thriller set in a rogue- and scalawag-ridden Victorian London. Sally Lockhart, the 16-year-old heroine has no time for the usual trials of adolescence: her father has been murdered, and she needs to find out how and why. But everywhere she turns, she encounters new scoundrels and secrets. Why do the mere words "seven blessings" cause one man to keel over and die at their utterance? Who has possession of the rare, stolen ruby? And what does the opium trade have to do with it?"

Doesn't it sound fun! A book for young adults that deals with the opium trade - not your usual young adult novel. This book was easy to read but kept me interested. Sally's character is everything I loved about reading mystery books as a kid. She is a strong female character that wants to do things for herself - which is hard to do in Victorian England. I also loved that she met up with some characters that are as unusual as herself - I am hoping she can try to recreate the family that she has recently lost.

I need to start keeping a list of all the great young adult books that I have been reading lately. I can't wait to have kids that I get to pass these titles on to!

Rating - 3

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