Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Club Dead - Charlaine Harris

I have been in a HUGE reading slump lately. I have had no ambition to pick anything up - I have started about 4 different books but kept putting them down. I decided if I wanted to get my love of reading back I was going to have to go for something that couldn't do me wrong. And that would have to be my last Sookie Stackhouse novel - Club Dead. Now this is not the last in the series; this is only number 3 but it is the last one I have here in Turkey. I was saving it for a rainy day and it and has certainly been raining lately!!

I feel that the series keeps getting better and better. I thought the first one was okay, the second one better and this one great! I loved this book. According to Booklist "Sookie Stackhouse is having man trouble. Her vampire boyfriend, Bill, has been distant and inattentive lately. Then he announces that he is going on a business trip, which clearly is more than it seems. After a werewolf tries to abduct Sookie at work, Bill's boss, Eric, tells her that Bill fell under the sway of his--Bill's, that is--ex, a sexy vamp named Lorena, and has been kidnapped. Eric wants Sookie's help in getting Bill back, and despite her hurt over Bill's betrayal, Sookie agrees to go to Jackson, Mississippi, to find her wayward lover. Eric has persuaded Alcide, a dashing werewolf, to get Sookie access to Josephine's, aka Club Dead, the local hangout of Jackson's supernatural element. In between dodging kidnappers, the advances of amorous Eric, and her growing feelings for Alcide, Sookie has to find out who kidnapped Bill and figure out a way to rescue him."

Sounds great doesn't it! I really enjoyed the new character Alicide. I thought him and Sookie should get together the moment he was described in the book. Big and strong, always warm and eats up a storm - besides being the strong part he is almost the exact opposite of Bill. Sookie has her fair share of men in this novel - she seems to get caught up with a lot of them when she escapes danger. I guess that can be pretty sexy!

Sookie's character has always been strong but she seems to be getting stronger in every novel. She doesn't take money from anyone (even if she really needs it and would like Bill to offer!) and wants to get things done on her own. She is a great female character - especially in the face of having weak characters such as Bella in the "Twilight" series. These books are always fun and always make me smile!

Rating - 4

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you finally found something to get you out of the reader's block. I keep seeing this series on various blogs and like you, others really seem to like it.
I will have to try it out one of these days.