Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sickness is still loving me this week. I felt better for a day and then last night I felt terrible again and slept for like 13 hours. This is so cutting in to my reading time. I am about half-way through "Arcadia" and now I am really enjoying it. I have decided that when I start reading books and dont't get into them right away, I need to sit down, with a clock, and read for an hour straight. Thats what I need to do sometimes to get into a book. I find that sometimes I am not focussed enough to read novels that have a lot of detail....I find my mind skips around a lot and then I end up just wanted to get through the book rather than enoying it. No more of this! I need to, if not enjoy a novel, then to at least get something out of it. Hopefully I will finishing "Arcadia" in 2 more sittings. I only have 56 days left to read 34 books. Its time to get moving!!

I think I may go out and buy some books this weekend if I feel better. I am feeling this need to buy some. It has been only about 6 or 7 weeks since I bought anything new but I feel that I am doing so much reading now a days that I need to be able to pick up a few things that I am REALLY wanting. My TBR list is sooooooo long. I enjoy going to the library here but the books are either a bit dated or only international bestsellers. I need some comedy or some chick-lit to make me laugh. I will be on the hunt this weekend.

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Bybee said...

Sorry you've been sick...that messes with my reading, too. What is messing with me now is the job-hunt.