Monday, November 24, 2008

The Complete Polysyllabic Spree - Nick Hornby

So I pretty much loved this book. It was exactly what I needed to read to get me back into the reading groove. This is a collection of articles/essays that Nick Hornby wrote over a couple of years for a magazine.It is all about the books he has bought and read each month. Usually he buys more books then he reads each month and I envy him for that. I love that he loves books so much and has no problem abandoning a book that he does not like or doesn't feel like reading. I force myself to read all books I start...which sometimes stops me from reading because I would rather do anything, anything at all rather than read that book. I have learned from Nick Hornby that I do not have to read every book I start and that there is no "list" of books that I NEED to read. Nothing bad will happen to me if I don't read the classics. I usually feel a little bad when I am reading "trashy" books and I feel that I have to redeem myself by reading something more literary afterwards. This does not have to be the way I read.

This book taught me that I need to read more books that I know I won't be able to put down, books that I can't stop thinking about long after I have put them down. This doesn't mean that I abandon my lists of books that I am interested in and don't know anything about or that I stop trying to read the classics. It just means I can let my books be more fun and now worry about it!

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Bybee said...

I really liked this book! Also Housekeeping vs. The lots of reading ideas, and loved his enthusiasms and cranky moods. In addition, it was fun looking at what he bought and what he read each month.