Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Wedding - Nicholas Sparks

This book is the sequel to "The Notebook". If anyone has read The Notebook they will no how heart-wrenchingly sad it is and hopefully love it as much as I did. This sequel is not as good but lives up to the Nicholas Sparks reputation. When I picked this book up I had no idea that was a (somewhat) continuation of The Notebook.

According to amazon.com "Attorney Wilson Lewis has been married to Noah and Allie's daughter, Jane, for 30 years. Wilson and Jane have raised three children and lived a satisfying and prosperous life in the bucolic town of New Bern, N.C. After forgetting his anniversary, Wilson realizes that the passion and romance have gone out of his marriage and fears his wife no longer loves him. Being a methodical man, he decides to embark on a yearlong program to renew his romantic ties to his wife, seeking out the advice of Noah, who now spends his days in a retirement home feeding a swan he is sure is the reincarnation of his beloved Allie. In the midst of Wilson's machinations, his daughter Anna announces she is getting married. The upcoming wedding provides Wilson with the opportunity to bring his elaborate plan to fruition."

This was a sweet book. It was interesting to read about the rekindling of a romance late in life. I loved how this book goes from when Wilson first meets Jane 30 years ago to where they are in their lives now. It was wonderful to see how much he loves her - even tough he has let her down in the past. I also love how the book acknowledges how difficult it was for Wilson to live up to the expectations that Jane had for him in the ways of love and romance (remember she did have Noah and Allie to look at as examples). Some people are just not able to express love as freely as others - even if they love the other person deeply.

The romance in this book was beautiful. I loved reading it and it made me smile so many times. Nicholas Sparks writes lovely books and I hope they make this one into a movie!

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