Monday, November 2, 2009

October Recap

I did a bit of reading this month and have to admit that I quite enjoyed many of the books I read. I read 11 books this month and they can be broken down like this:
2 Non fiction
9 Fiction
4 Murder Mysteries
1 Teen
2 Chick Lit
1 Humor Fiction
1 Newfoundland Fiction

Here they are:
Hide and Seek – Ian Rankin
The Shape of Snakes - Minette Walters
Breaking Dawn - Stephanie Meyer
Never Say Die - Tess Gerritsen
The Stupidest Angel - Christopher Moore
Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's - John Elder Robison
Knots and Crosses - Ian Rankin
Certain Girls - Jennifer Weiner
Sylvanus Now - Donna Morrissey
Handle With Care - Jodi Picoult
The Mole People - Jennifer Toth

I really enjoyed the Ian Rankin novels, as well as Sylvanus Now. I would have to say my favorite was The Shape of Snakes and I really didn’t have a least favorite this month. I enjoyed reading them all for different reasons. I didn’t really read many culturally diverse novels (unless you can count Scottish and Newfound) so I hope to read some fiction from other countries in the month of November.

This month I have 2 weeks of Child Protection training (I am a social worker) so I will be studying more then reading. I hope to read 8 books this month. A few on my list are:

The Savage Detectives – Roberto Bolano (I have started this already and have to finish it)
An Imperfect Offering – James Orbinski (also started and need to finish)
The Spanish Bow - Andromeda Romano-Lax
Tooth and Nail – Ian Rankin
The Wedding – Nicholas Sparks
Skylight Confessions – Alice Hoffman
Pretty Dead things – Barbara Nadel

Has anyone read any of these? And if so what did you think??

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