Thursday, November 13, 2008

Still Life With Woodpecker - Tom Robbins

I had read this book when I was 16 or 17 and remembered loving it. It was weird and funny and hard to explain. I am terrible at summarizing things ( so my book reviews are never very good) and this book is harder then any other book that I have had to try and explain in words. Pretty much I am going to have to say read it for yourself. If you like princesses, pyramids, red heads and bombs - then you will love this book. If you don't - read it anyway, you might start liking them!!

5 Stars!!!

So re-reading this book has got me thinking about all the other books that I have read years ago and would love to re-read. I want to read "East of Eden" again, and all the Harry Potter books, and as I talked about a couple posts back "Native Son". I also want to re-read "Fall On Your Knees" because I remember having this wonderful feeling when I finished it. I can't remember books well, but I can certainly remember feels that I get!

James and I changed Library Fridays to Library Thursdays so we will be heading there tonight to pick up so more books. I hope they have Number 3 in the Series of Unfortunate Events!!


Bybee said...

I read this because of a boyfriend -- he was a huge Tom Robbins fan. Then he wanted to make sure I "got it". Because it was "so deep, man." I just thought it was funny. I wonder what the book would be like for me now.

myza said...

HAHAHA....i read it for the first time cause a boyfriend wanted me to read it....maybe it is required girlfriend reading by wanna-be hippie boyfriends!!

Bybee said...

Lately in book group, there was a cluster of members who were nuts about Tom Robbins. I had to laugh because he seems so long ago and then of course, I thought of that old boyfriend. You had one, too? BwaHaHa!