Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swan Song - Robert McCammon

I am on vacation now. I love vacation. And I love vacation books. They are always fun to pick out and I always remember the books I read on vacation because my focus is usually solely on them. This book was no exception. My mom had been reading this book for a while and raving about it so when she brought it with her on her trip to visit me I decided to read it as soon as she was done. It took me a few days to read because it is about 1000 pages. But its not hard to read..its actually an easy read with and interesting topic. Review says "Swan Song is rich with such characters as an ex-wrestler named Black Frankenstein, a New York City bag lady who feels power coursing from a weird glass ring, a boy who claws his way out of a destroyed survivalist compound. They gather their followers and travel toward each other, all bent on saving a blonde girl named Swan from the Man of Many Faces." This is one of those end of the world books where nuclear war has destroyed most of the world (or at least the United States). People have compared this to The Stand and I totally understand why after reading it. It is a lot like The Stand, not just with the theme but with the characters as well. \

Now at first this bothered me because I LOVE The Stand. It is one of my favorite books. I remember seeing the mini-series when I was younger and didn't read the book until a few years back. But after I got into Swan Song and started liking the characters I wasn't too bothered with the similaritles. There is more of a supernatural element to Swan Song and there is more graphic violence and destruction. But the characters are really interesting and there is an excellent story line. All in all it is a great vacation book!

Rating - 4

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