Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell - Tucker Max

I feel guilty that I read and enjoyed this book. It is a book of stories that are crude, dısgusting, some are morally wrong and pretty hateful to women. But my God did I laugh. I laughed so much on the bus to the Singapore Zoo that I started to get embarrassed and I had to put the book away. I think that because the stories are so over the top I could find them funny without becoming morally outraged. Tucker Max is pretty much a bad guy who has no respect for women....or anyone else who is not part of his frat-boy group. This is a short review because I am not to sure what else to write. His writing is pretty awful and I finished the book thanking God that I am married and never have to date again. I think that you can read this if you don't get too upset at politically incorrect stories. But this book is for sure not for everyone.

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