Saturday, January 24, 2009

Harem - Barbara Nadel

Since moving to Turkey I have tried to read some Turkish fiction. I like to read books about the area that I am living in. I bought this murder-mystery set in modern day Istanbul without knowing anything about it or the author. I have found with books like this that it could be hit or miss. But I lucked out because it was a great read! It is one in a series of books about a detective named Ikmen who lives and works in Istanbul. A mutilated body of a young girl is found in an underground cistern..and she is wearing Ottoman clothing. She is Detective Ikmen's daughters bestfriend so this case is personal. This book also involves the kidnapping of an American woman who is married to a Turkish movie star. There are many plot twists and lots of interesting things happen. The only fault with the book is that sometimes I had to go back and see who was who because the names are a bit confusing. Istanbul is such a beautiful and mysterious city...this book makes me want to visit again and also read some of the other novels in this series!!

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